Data Entry & Transcription Jobs

Jobs listed on this page involve data entry and transcription work at home job opportunities.

Not sure if you’re cut out for the extremely competitive data entry and transcriptionist job market? Well, are you an excellent typist (at least 65+ WPM @ 98-100% accuracy)? Are you thorough and self-motivated to work on your own with little instructions?

If yes, then a data entry or transcription jobs may be right up your alley!

As I mentioned above, data entry and transcription jobs are very competitive so if you don’t have any prior experience, it can be very tough to find work in this field as there’s so no shortage of folks willing to enter data in the comfort of their own homes.

Although in some cases, paid training courses or certifications might add value in the long run, they’re not mandatory, especially if you already have some experience .

Those with certificates, prior experience, and any specialty niches (like medical, legal, or financial transcriptions) can expect to earn much better pay and find work more readily than those who do not. If you’re starting out with little to no experience, there are a few sites listed here that will take you and essentially pay you less in exchange for giving you experience in this job niche.

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