So you want to make some extra money (who doesn’t), I have some good and bad news for you…

Let me start with the bad news first – there are more scams and make money online spam than there are actual ways to make money online. If you Google make money online, there are over 1.7 billion search results. I don’t have any numbers on how many of those results are scams or low quality spam sites, but I’m guessing at least 75% which translates into over 1.275 billion worthless results that at best won’t help you make money online and at worst, will rip you off and waste your time.

Don’t worry, here’s the  good news  – I’ve done the heavy lifting of cataloguing the real work at home job opportunities -and am constantly adding new ones.  I created Income Ideas because I want to help those who are motivated find real ways to make money online. I help others by reviewing work at home job opportunities, exposing popular scam sites, and writing about ways to develop and improve skills to increase your value in the online job marketplace.

When you think of different ways to earn extra money online, selling stuff on eBay and blogging are probably among the first income ideas that pop into your mind. Although these are both proven, effective ways to earn extra money online, they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the cool ways you can make extra money in the comfort of your home!

That’s where the Extra Money section of Income Ideas comes into play. The opportunities featured here won’t make you rich, and you probably won’t be able to make a full time living off them (although you might be able to depending on where you live), but they are real ways to earn extra money online.

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