Online Teaching Jobs

The internet is disrupting the education sector in a number of ways. Whether it’s  crowdsourced learning (sites like Udemy and Khan Academy) or online public schooling, online teaching jobs are in high demand.

Ohio and Arizona both have over 35,000 K-12 students enrolled in online programs.


If you have  passion for teaching others, there’s never been a better time than to make the transition to an online teaching job.

Although online teach jobs span a wide range of roles, here are some common ways to earn an income online in the education sector:

  • Online classroom teachers spanning any grade or skill level, includes special education and ongoing professional development coursework.
  • Test preparation and/or scoring jobs for AP, GED, SAT, ACT tests.
  • Virtual tutors
  • Instructional designers who create and refine online coursework and school systems.
  • Instructors for foreign languages, mathematics,and other subjects.
  • Teaching people a unique skill that you have mastery in via innovative crowdsourced knowledge marketplaces like Udemy.

Many of the work at home jobs featured on this page require a degree of some sort or equivalent experience.

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