Paid Surveys

Paid surveys give you the opportunity to make money online just for expressing your opinions! You won’t get rich completing surveys, but if you’re persistent with a few survey companies, you can build up your reputation and eventually be able to access higher paying surveys.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Market research firms offer surveys to find out what consumers like you and me think about a wide range of subject matters.
  2. In return for your opinions, these firms offer cash and merchandise incentives.

Some paid surveys may only take a few minutes and pay 50¢ while others may take 30-60 minutes or more and pay $30 or more.

You will receive tons of junk email doing surveys so do yourself a favor, visit the Tools page, and sign up for a free email account (or several of them).

Staying organized is a great way to maximize your earnings as you’ll probably end up doing business with multiple survey sites to ensure a steady income stream. Using spreadsheets or other office productivity tools will make this much easier and more efficient than using offline resources.  To make it worth your time, I recommend that you find a few paid survey sites and stick with them.

Many paid survey sites will give preference to members who have a proven track record with them which leads to higher paying surveys over time.

The downside to this is that oftentimes, the best paid survey sites don’t have much to offer to new members since they give dibs to established members.

If you know a survey site that’s not currently listed, contact me and I’ll add it to the list.

Here’s the list of the paid survey sites:


Web Perspectives

Survey Saanvi

Only Cash Surveys

AIP Online Surveys

Cashback Research


American Consumer Options

Springboard America

Opinion Outpost



Brand Institute

E-Poll Surveys

Survey Savvy

HCD Surveys

Bzz Agent



My Opinion Now

Global Test Market

Survey 4 Profit

Opinion Place

Clear Voice Surveys

DailySurvey Panel





Opinion World