Pros & Cons Of A Work From Home Job : PT 2

This is the second part of the Pros & Cons Of A Work From Home Job series, if you haven’t done so already, check out part 1 which discusses 5 cons of a work from home job. 

If you’re blessed with a work from home job or currently earning a living without the constraints of having to drive to and from work, you’re probably already familiar with the unique benefits a non-traditional income stream can provide.

For those of you who are interested but not currently earning an income from home, I’m going to list 5 pros of having  a work from home job.

This list covers the fundamental aspects of the benefits that working from home can afford.

These benefits will vary depending on what exactly you’re planning on doing to earn a living online, they’re generally true for any home based income stream.


Alright, it’s obvious but having the ability to set your own schedule and work anywhere with an internet connection is one of the best pros of having a work from home job in my opinion.

With some home based jobs such as virtual call center agent, this benefit may not be as flexible as other types of online income streams such as blogging or data entry.

For those who live in mid to large sized urban and suburban settings, WiFi is everywhere.

At the grocery store, the bank, local restaurants, you can work from just about anywhere these days.

If you have the ability to tether a mobile device to your laptop, or use WiMax, you can even work at the park (or the beach)!

  • When you or one of  your kids is sick, not having to worry about calling in to the office is a huge relief.
  • Being able to meet a friend or loved one for a meal at anytime throughout the day is wonderful feeling.  Want to stay out late on a weeknight to catch a concert? No problem! Just shift around your workload and it’s all taken care of.
  • Want to volunteer at your kids school fundraiser or sporting event? Now you can without running yourself ragged!

Without a doubt, having the ability to set your pace and work the hours you want to is a terrific perk.


When you work exclusively from home, your expenses will change.

If you play your cards right, you can save a boatload of cash in fuel, food (unless you usually pack your own meals), and childcare expenses, while utility costs will increase slightly due to increased power consumption during peak hours.

There are also indirect savings you may realize such as not having to spend money on new ‘work’ clothes.

You’ll be driving less by not commuting to and from the office.  By driving less, there will be less wear and tear on your vehicle and you may even be able to qualify for a reduce auto insurance policy.

If you have very young children or kids who are old enough to entertain themselves, your childcare savings could be significant.  Even if you cut out just 1 or 2 days each week from your childcare budget, you can save some serious cash each year.

These are just some of the ways you’ll save money when you’re able to work from home.

Everyone’s situation is different so everyone will find different ways to save.


For me, no longer going into an office was a major turning point in my diet.

I realized I could either eat out all the time or expand my culinary skills and begin cooking more frequently.

I chose the latter and don’t regret doing so for a minute.

I eat much healthier now than I ever did grabbing a meal at the cafeteria in the office building I used to work at or worse, going out to lunch and consuming calorie packed processed meals.

Even if you can afford eating at high end restaurants every single day, investing the time to learn the basics of nutrition and learning how to cook for yourself can add years added to your lifespan and many people find cooking to be a highly rewarding skill to develop over the years.

In addition to my diet, I’m now much more consistent about exercising now that I don’t have to cram it in either before or after heading into work.

I can exercise at anytime throughout the day either all at once or intermittently throughout the day.

If it’s a nice day outside, I often go for walks and when it’s raining, I’ll do some yoga or lift weights to energize my body and mind.

I’ve also found that not having to deal with the stress of an office environment (micromanaging boss, coworkers who spread colds and other illnesses year round, etc.) is a huge relief.


Here’s the thing with this benefit, when you work for yourself in a home based income stream, there is a direct correlation between the amount of work you invest in yourself and how much money you can make.

If you want to work 60 hour weeks and throw yourself into your work, sky’s the limit with regards to how much money you could earn.

With a traditional 9-5, unless you’re compensated with commissions, you generally earn a set amount and if you’re lucky, you can receive a small increase of a 3% or 4% each year.

Almost all of the people I know who work from home full time have both active and passive income streams in place to earn money.

Having the ability to invest even a half hour a day in learning new skills or trying something completely different than your primary income source can net you a good chunk of change throughout the years.

For example, you might like to garden.  Take your passion for gardening and write a few articles each month on a gardening website you setup.

After a year or two, you’ll have a sizeable amount of articles and could easily be earning a few hundred dollars every month by monetizing the site with ads.


Networking with potential customers and business partners has the distinction of being listed as both a pro and a con for most work from home jobs.

As a con, networking can be difficult since there isn’t the face time that occurs with a 9-5 traditional job.

At its core, networking via the internet  is the same as the offline equivalent.

Getting to know blog owners, online recruiters, and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is all in your best interest.

I use Really Simple Systems to create lists of potential clients and business partners and keep notes about any relationship details (birthdays, interests, etc.) as well as follow-up action items.

Really Simple Systems offers free and premium plans and I’ve had a great experience with them so far (I just use the free plan at the moment).


So there you have it.

My top five pros of working from home.

Enjoy a flexible work schedule, save money, earn as much as you want to put into it, and always stay on the lookout for potential customers and business partners.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your favorite part of working from home? Drop me a comment below!

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