Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

Search engine results from companies like Google and Bing are largely based off complex algorithms to determine which results to serve each visitor.  But it may surprise you to learn that there’s still plenty of human help suggesting ways to improve search engine results.

Most of the search engine evaluation jobs listed on this page involve giving feedback on search engine results to improve the quality of a web search. Because of the global nature of the internet, jobs in this category are usually available to a wide variety of countries and languages.

This type of work generally hires people as independent contractors, so make sure you save an appropriate amount of your earnings each pay period to avoid a painful quarterly or end of year tax burden. Also, none of the positions here offer benefits unless you manage to transition from an independant contractor to a full time employee role.

The work at home jobs featured on this page are for mostly part time jobs, perfect for those wanting to earn some side money.


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